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  • Mental Health Diversion

    Mental Health Diversion

    Diversion programs allow individuals charged with crimes to earn case dismissals by completing court-ordered requirements. One such program is the Mental Health Diversion, which aims to treat the underlying mental condition that contributed to the offense. Eligibility requires a diagnosed mental disorder significant to the charge.

  • What Happens During DMV Hearings?

    What Happens During DMV Hearings?

    DMV Hearings, also known as An Admin Per Se Hearings or APS Hearing, need to be requested within 10 days of a DUI arrest. You should contact a criminal defense attorney right away if law enforcement arrested you for a DUI. That way we can be sure to request your…

  • Facing Criminal Charges-What to Expect

    Going through the legal process when you’re facing criminal charges can feel overwhelming. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand what to expect at every stage of the process. We have practiced criminal defense throughout California, handling cases in the early investigation stages through resolving your case. You…

  • What to Expect During a Criminal Investigation?

    What to Expect During a Criminal Investigation?

    A Criminal investigation in California can be complex and intimidating. If you or a loved one is involved in a criminal investigation, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney guide you through the process and protect your rights and interests! The Role of Law Enforcement in Criminal…

  • Clearing Your Criminal Record Through Expungement

    Clearing Your Criminal Record Through Expungement

    There are many benefits to clearing your criminal record through expungement. Basically, when the court grants an expungement, they change your plea from guilty to not guilty and dismiss the case. The case will show up on your criminal background, but instead of a conviction, it will show as a…

  • Judicial Diversion

    Judicial Diversion

    Judicial Diversion allows certain misdemeanor offenders to participate in a court-supervised program. If successfully completed, the court dismisses the charges. Some exceptions exist for certain more severe crimes. The offender must meet specific conditions during the diversion period, which could last up to 24 months. Non-completion leads to criminal proceedings…

  • Drug Diversion

    Drug Diversion

    Diversion programs are an opportunity for you to earn a dismissal of your case. To earn a dismissal, you must complete any court ordered requirements. There are a few different diversion programs with different eligibility requirements. Those include Drug Diversion, for people facing certain drug related offenses. We will discuss…

  • Different Ways to Be DUI

    Different Ways to Be DUI

    Maybe you bought one of those personal breathalyzers to make sure you are ok after having a drink or two. You know that in California the legal limit for a DUI is .08. But just because you are under the legal limit does not mean that you are NOT DUI.…

  • Speak Up – Your Miranda Rights to Remain Silent

    Speak Up – Your Miranda Rights to Remain Silent

    Officers can be tricky during an investigation. In order to protect yourself, it is important to know your Miranda Rights and how to use them.

  • Military Diversion

    Military Diversion

    Military diversion is an opportunity to earn a dismissal of your case. If you are a veteran or on active duty you may be eligible.

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